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In keeping with my desire to be of service and to make this information available to as many as possible I have designed the consultations in such a way that you do have to "watch the clock" and concern yourself with every minute of time we spend together: this is accomplished through the Native American Sacred Traditions called the Give-Away and the Offering rather than utilizing the conventional practice of set fees.

Holistic health care for animals is ever-increasing in its appeal, especially when so many conventional modalities not only fail to help our companion animals, they often create other symptoms and side effects complicating existing health issues even further.

Like all journeys, this one is best taken step-by-step with a clear plan. Assistance is here for you and your animals through a step-by-step plan that I provide for your consideration. You need not have to travel this road by trial and error or spend years learning. There is basic but vital information you will need to know now. Our consultation may save you weeks of precious time - or even years.

This path is clearly more often a gentle one, but it is not easy. There is so much information available today and I am here to help guide you through the various options. Perhaps you've heard there are benefits to feeding your pet a raw diet, or about the dangers of over-vaccination, of heartworm and chemical flea and tick products and certain drugs. Are you now confused about where to start, overwhelmed or a bit intimidated? Or, are you at the crossroad because you have tried everything? So what do you do? How do you make sense of it all? Have you been tempted to start giving various herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, and vitamins and minerals as you hear or read about the wonders of so many of these products available today?

Caution is the word. During our consultation, your assessment and observations of all symptoms will be discussed, as well as diet, current supplements, medications, past treatments, vaccination schedules, exercise routine, lab results, and current diagnoses. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration in order to point you in the appropriate holistic or sometimes, conventional, direction. So come prepared with your questions and to discuss all of the above elements. Your consultation may include:
  • The Silent Killers: Learn what may be silently and slowly adversely affecting the health of your animals
  • A Step-By-Step Natural Rearing Plan: what to do; what not to do
  • The Factors that Compromise your Pet's Immune System
  • What you need to know about Supplements, Over-vaccination, Chemical Dewormers, Heartworm Medications . . . and the Alternatives
  • The Value of Natural Parasite and Environmental Toxin Cleansing and your Options
  • Review of Symptoms, Lab Results and Diagnoses
  • The Dangers of Commercial Pet Food
  • The Benefits of feeding your Dog or Cat a Raw Diet
  • Raw Feeding Basics: "The Rabbit Does Not Show Up at 6 O'Clock" - A Guide to Feeding Your Carnivore a Species-Appropriate Diet
  • Recommendations and/or Referrals to Holistic Veterinary Practitioners of all Modalities
What I have learned about holistic health for dogs and cats over the past 17 years, combined with the resources and knowledge that I gained as Director of Operations at The American Preventive Medical Association, my network of holistic health care practitioners and studies as a Native American Practitioner, I pass along to those of you who are striving to integrate appropriate natural rearing and holistic health care.

Ginny Rodgers, N.A.P.
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