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My Basic Philosophy

The Foundation for Health and Healing: Nurture Nature
"The Nature of Food", is oh! so very relevant to both humans and to the animals under our care. If you are unfamiliar with natural rearing and are used to opening a bag or can of processed grain-based, toxic pet food, believing the manufacturer's claim that this bag or can contains real sustenance for your companion animals, perhaps it is time now to rethink the ramifications when we feed this type of "food". You may be surprised or even shocked to learn that, in fact, based on a carnivore's nutritional requirements, that can or bag contains dead food and even more to the point it is "non-food" as far as our animals are concerned. Dogs and cats have survived on dead food - but, in the long run, they do not, and cannot, thrive.

In realizing that we and the animals under our care are whole beings, we thus also realize that we and our animals are not just a leg, a liver, a stomach or a kidney. Rather, the healing process is a journey of our whole being that is embedded with our Creator's design. And that divine design does not necessarily need a pill or a knife to help it along. Dis-ease is a loud signal. Suppression of the body's outward signal(s) that something is out of balance is generally discordant with Nature. And, if suppressed, the body's signal will resurface in the same form, perhaps intensified, or as some other physical symptom altogether.

The ability of our physical bodies to come back to balance and wholeness is not supported by non-food, man-made substances. As care givers for our companions, we have the choice to nurture Nature by realizing that only food, as designed by Nature, can support the body's ability to begin the re-balancing process and only Nature's food can best help sustain this process, providing the optimum foundation for health and healing.

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As you can see from the article, the commonly held belief is that man made chemicals improve the food. Actually the chemicals are for improving the perceived value of the food by manipulating the color, texture, flavor and shelf life during processing which inevitably reduces the nutritional value, and in some cases eliminating the value completely, leaving a nutritional deficit in its place.

Only Nature knows how to create food. What Nature creates has existence. Man can't create food but knows how to denature food, and invent food substitutes. The human body knows the difference. Inventions are not creations of Nature but of the human mind. Metaphorically speaking, the meal is not the menu and mankind has proven, not only its ability to invent menus but to also substitute them for the meal. In most technologically advanced countries, the result has been the proliferation of countless new "diseases" and at the same time extending life span, while also extending the duration of pharmaceutical drug use. Pharmaceutically, a most perfect product is one that you put a person on as a baby and keep them on it for a lifetime.

A basic tenet in manufacturing anything is the quality of raw material you start with, determines the quality of the finished product, and with the human body the results produced by food denaturing and food substitutions becomes obvious. When you look at how food is typically produced and then look at how it is processed for shelf life and modified for taste enhancement, you already know what your preference is. Do you prefer something created by nature or invented by man?

Ginny Rodgers, N.A.P.

"Bringing the body to a state of well being from a compromised condition is a process. A toxic body must first be cleansed, damaged cells must be recreated, deficiencies repaired, and the sources of ill health manifesting as symptoms must be corrected before well being can fully express itself. Symptoms are the body's call for help, advising that something needs attention. To countermand that cry for help with drugs or procedures that prevent the body from corrective measures does not cure the causes of symptoms. It merely masks them. Such measures will ultimately take their toll."
Joe Bentley, Founder of Lifestar

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