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My Unique Services

  • Private Consultations: Short-Cut Your Learning Curve on Natural Rearing and Holistic Care Options
  • Personalized Plan and Follow Up
  • Specially Selected Organic, Wild Crated, Chemical-free Line of Supplements
  • Must-Have Books and Videos on Canine Nutrition and Behavior
  • Free Stuff
  • Free! Weekly Conference Call with Philip Cloudpiler Landis, ND and Medicine Man - Call for Details!
Consultations: receive potentially life-changing information, resources and referrals
  • Learn what may be silently and slowly adversely affecting the health of your pet
  • Receive a Step-By-Step Natural Rearing Plan with Follow Ups
You Will Learn . . .
  • The (Surprising) Factors that Compromise your Pet's Health
  • Why and How to Feed your Dog or Cat a Natural, Raw Food Diet: All you need to know
  • What you need to know about Supplements, Over-vaccination, Chemical Dewormers, Heartworm Medications . . . and the Alternatives
  • The Detrimental Effects of Parasites and Environmental Toxins and What To Do
  • Review of Symptoms, Lab Results and Diagnoses with a Holistic Veterinarian
  • Referrals as needed to Holistic Veterinary Practitioners of all Modalities
Select from Two Consult Options:
  • A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Plan and Follow up Sessions, or
  • A Brief Session for those of you who have just a few questions
  • Fee Policy: As a Native American Practitioner, I accept only offerings for my services - there no "set fees" and no one is denied consultation services for lack of immediate funds.

Organic, Chemical-free Supplements that Nourish Your Pet and You - Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Auragens: Organic Whole-Food Multiple Vitamin/Mineral Supplement for Dogs and Cats
    * Defense: Immune Support: with Black Cumin, Muscadine Grape Seed, Allicin and Tsi-Ahga
  • Dog-Gone Pain: A Natural Herbal for the relief of arthritis - FREE Samples
  • Equine Joint Formula: Natural Joint Care and Support for Horses
  • HyaFlex: A soothing tincture for joints and muscles; good for skin and eyes, too - NEW!
  • Joint Care & Collagen Formulas: Natural Herbal Compounds for arthritis and repair of cartilage
  • LifeStar: Full Line of Organic, Whole-Food Supplements for People
  • LifeWave Energy Patches: for People and Pets
  • Lumen Photon: Light Therapy Device for reduction of discomfort in neck, back, joints, and more
  • Tsi-Ahga: Wild Crafted Native American Sacred Herb: Immune Support and Modulation - NEW!
  • Vitamin C-500: Organic Whole Food Vitamin C - Your body will know the difference - NEW!
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Disclaimer: The products and information as provided by FurryKids.net are for educational purposes and are not intended to diagnose or prescribe for your pet. If your pet has a medical problem consult your veterinarian.

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