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Cactus Equine Spray Concetrate
Fly and Pest Spray with 27 botanicals (no Penny Royal); Non-toxic, organically formulated, safe for Broodmares and Foals; Repels flies, mosquitos, ticks, gnats, fleas and deer flies; Has lasting repellant power when diluted 7 to 1 as directed; Use with Distilled Water for Maximum Results; One quart makes 2.5 gallons; No oil or greasy residue on your horse's coat; Repels Fleas and Ticks on Dogs; Great for Horses with Skin Allergies; Safe to Spray on Wounds, Sores and Lacerations

Cactus Equine Spray Concentrate
Cactus Equine Spray
1 qt. makes 2.5 gallons

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