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Complex C Daily Whole Food Vitamin C with Phytonutrients
In Nature, Vitamin C is only found as a complex food with all the beneficial factors, such as bioflavonoids, intact. This formula contains 250 mg of Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Vitamin C in its optimal form ~ FOOD. Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Vitamin C is 10 times less acidic than regular Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), therefore it is Naturally Buffered and gentler on the stomach.

Complex C DailyFoods® is formulated with 100% Cold Fusion™ FoodState® nutrients, developed by Durham Research, Inc. Cold Fusion™ FoodState® nutrients have the inherent benefits of Vital Food Factors®, known as Nutrient Chaperones™. Nutrient Chaperones™ contain the plant intelligence necessary for all nutrient delivery and utilization. These nutrients have Food Chaperones, which facilitate utilization and reduce the potential for side-effects. Benefits are enhanced with the addition of phytonutrient rich concentrated fruit and vegetable extracts.

MegaFood™ DailyFoods® DailyFoods® ColdFusion™ FoodState® Formulas offer a variety of comprehensive multiple vitamins, and basic formulas that are 100% Whole Food. We provide foundation formulas to meet the needs of women, men, children and the entire family.

Complex C Daily
Suggested Use: Take 1 tablet daily. For Optimal Results take with
a Quality Cold Fusion™ FoodState® Vitamin & Mineral formula
by MegaFood. DailyFoods® Cold Fusion™ FoodState®
nutrients are 100% Whole Food and can be taken at any time
throughout the day, even on an empty stomach.
180 Tablets

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