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The LifeWave: Energy & Sleep Patches
Would you like to have more energy and stamina without having to use stimulants?

Introduction to the LifeWave Energy Patch
From the maker: "LifeWave is the world leader in the emerging field of organically constructed nano-antennas for the passive frequency modulation of the human magnetic field. These organic antennas, when properly constructed, are capable of passively modulating the human magnetic field for the purpose of communicating information to the human body via resonant energy transfer. The first commercially available product that LifeWave is offering is in the form of a patch. Individual results always vary but the end result is that most users report experiencing immediate improvements in energy, stamina and well being - and nothing ever enters your body.

The LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches contain the LifeWave technology. The patches are constructed from a patent pending blend of water, stabilized Oxygen, amino acids and sugars sealed inside of a plastic shell. These materials are put through a proprietary process and applied to a substrate so as to form a nano-scale organic antenna. This organic antenna is then "programmed" like a computer chip. When properly assembled, these LifeWave antennas are capable of passively communicating with the user to instruct the body to improve energy and stamina.
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LifeWave Energy & Sleep Patches
LifeWave Energy Patches LifeWave Sleep Patches
To Order, go to: http://www.lifewave.com/products.asp
Then select the product of your choice:
LifeWave Energy Patches, Rest Quiet Sleep Patches, IceWave Pain Patches,
LifeWave Nanotechnology, Skin Enhancement/Detoxifier Patches,
Okalani Water Additive for Proper Hydration

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