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Multiplex II®
Whether you want a multiple vitamin to put on your kitchen table for the whole family, or you're buying just for yourself, MultiPlex II is an extraordinary comprehensive daily multivitamin and mineral formula. Whether your life is sedentary, active or stressful, this multivitamin will provide your body with quality nutritional resources. It has a high B-6 to B-12 ratio and contains 17 minerals, including about 20 times the average dose of germanium (plant-cell grown) as found in other germanium-containing multiples on the market.

MultiPlex II is widely used by doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals in their practices. If you are eating well and want an excellent general daily supplement for added insurance, or if you are on the go and your diet needs a powerful boost, MultiPlex II is an excellent way to give your body the support it needs to do its job. MultiPlex II can also be safely used in dosages as high as 10 tablets or more per day as nutritional support for people with seriously deficient states caused by a variety of problems, such as cancer, liver disease, AIDS, and other conditions.

"...Absolutely fantastic as far as I'm concerned. MultiPlex is something I depend on. I haven't caught a cold or flu since I've been taking it for over eight years. The products keep me well. I am an 85 year old lady, and since I have been taking these products, I have been able to throw away all my medications. My level of health has increased dramatically since I have been taking Lifestar's products."
V.L. Santa Cruz, CA
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Multiplex II
240 Tablets

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