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ProTec™ Probiotic: Completely Acid Resistant
ProTec meets all the preferred criteria for an effective probiotic. The protective flora of the intestine can be drastically altered or destroyed by antibiotics, stress and dietary or environmental influences. Probiotic supplementation can help re-establish the natural microflora, restoring the body’s ability to provide resistance to disease.

ProTec is an exceptional probiotic for general maintenance, as well as for people who have been treated with antibiotics. With its ability to be stored at room temperature, you can also throw it in the suitcase and take it with you on your foreign travels.

Intestinal health profoundly influences the body's health. The efficiency of the digestive system depends extensively on the complex interaction and balance of the intestinal ecology comprised of approximately 400 different types of “friendly” and “unfriendly” bacteria. Collectively, these exceed the number of living cells on the surface of the body. The “friendly” organisms are known as probiotics. The intestinal tract can be adversely effected by stress, antibiotics, contaminated food and water, environmental pollutants and chemicals, even excessive hygiene. Disinfectants interfere with a balanced intestinal flora, especially in infants and children.

Probiotics help neutralize toxins in the intestine and suppress specific groups of unfriendly micro-organisms by producing antibacterial and perhaps antifungal substances. They alter the metabolism of unfriendly micro-organisms without affecting other friendly microorganisms present in the intestine. They discourage pathology by competing with pathogens for adhesion receptor sites on the intestinal wall which are often essential to the successful colonization of the intestine by pathogenic organisms. They stimulate the immune system by increasing antibody levels and improving macrophage activity. They help the body resist infections, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract, and they act as the main contributors to the effective elimination of waste material from the small intestine and colon. Approximately 70% of a healthy adult’s stool is composed of bacteria.

"Even though ProTec has a lower potency than some probiotics, the effectiveness of this product appears to be superior because of the exceptionally high viability after years of storage." Health Sciences Institute May 97

Recommendation: As an Addition to the Daily Diet
To Start: 2 Teaspoons per day for 1 week; 1/2 teaspoon per day for 4 weeks;
1/4 teaspoon per day maintenance
Take an Increased Amount Following Any Period of Extreme Stress or Grief.
Protec™ Probiotic
4 oz. for $41.95
Protec™ Probiotic
8 oz. for

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