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Premier Labs: Raw Multiple Glandular
Premier Labs' glandulars are concentrates (not extracts) and are derived from New Zealand range-grazed animals. The grasslands are non-fertilized and the animals are not administered feed supplements, hormones or antibiotics.

The glands are quick frozen, never exceeding -5°C. Their cellular structure is not damaged and they are preserved in a biologically active and live state.

These exclusive methods used to produce our products provides the purest nutritional factors needed for the growth, repair and support of the glands entering the small intestine. This method, in fact, produces a more active product. The efficacy of this already unique and active product is heightened further by the pH shielding of its sensitive ingredients. This shielding prevents destruction of enzymes, polypeptides, and other protein substances by the action of HCI and pepsin
in the stomach.
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Premier Labs: Raw Multiple Glandular
60 capsules

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