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Glutathene™: Whey Protein
  1. Premium whey protein complex dietary supplement .
  2. Recommended Dosage: 2 tablespoons per day.
  3. 51 day supply at 2 tablespoons per day.
Lifestar Glutathene appears to be the most affordable and effective product known for raising and sustaining Glutathione levels. And it's natural!

Glutathene promotes more optimal functioning of the immune system by maintaining effective levels of glutathione in the lymphocytes (the cells primarily involved in the specific immune response). It induces sustained levels of glutathione and glutathione precursors inside the lymphocyte without side effects, unlike some glutathione-promoting drugs. It can be taken by lactose-intolerant persons. It is a concentrated source of cystine, containing an essential and rare amino acid "cysteine", a crucial constituent of glutathione. This product is prepared using a unique proprietary process, and dried at an average temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, thus taking special care to preserve the original bioactivity of the labile proteins.

World-wide clinical glutathione studies include:
  1. Hepatitis B study, Japan.
  2. Lyme disease study, Springfield, Illinois.
  3. Major surgery and multiple trauma study, University of Munich, Germany.
  4. Trial at King Khalid Hospital, Saudi Arabia (Leukemia).
  5. Phase II trial on breast cancer, Halifax, Canada.
  6. Phase II trial on breast cancer, Nova Scotia Cancer Center.
  7. Phase III clinical trial (Canada HIV Network) studies, Montreal General Hospital.
  8. Trials on prostatic cancer, Royal Victoria Hospital. Cystic fibrosis study, Montreal Children's Hospital.
  9. Recent in vitro study on renal, prostatic, and bladder cancer cell lines at a major Boston university.
Low glutathione levels are implicated in immune compromised individuals, neuro-degenerative diseases such as MS, ALS, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons, atherosclerosis, hydroxylradical formation, cataracts, damage from many pharmaceutical drugs, cancer and poor survival rates for victims of AIDS.

As the major detoxifying agent in the body, increased glutathione benefits the entire immune system by providing more support for the detoxification of ever-increasing levels of chemical pollutants, carcinogens and ultraviolet radiation.

Using modern technology, Glutathene represents a cost-effective break through in obtaining and consistently preserving, in their native form, the specific cow's milk proteins which share with the predominant human milk proteins, the same extremely rare GSH-promoting components. The retail price for Glutathene is 3 to 5 times less expensive than other retail whey protein concentrates on the market specific to raising cellular glutathione levels .

"Of all the antioxidant substances your body makes, the most important is glutathione."
Dr. A. H. Pressman, The GSH Phenomenon

Glutathene™: Whey Protein
18 oz.

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