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At FurryKids.net, you can find a wide selection of specialty products for prevention as well as healing. To shop for a specific item, scroll down to the category that best describes your need and click on the product listing. You will then be taken to a a page where you can read the product description and shop online.

The store continues to grow and new items are being added as they become available.

Be sure to read our shipping information before you place your order.

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Bone Support:
Lumen Photon Light Therapy | Whole Food Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium Formula

LifeWave Energy Patches | Aqua-Chi Machine

Energy Rechargers and Detoxifiers:
Aqua-Chi Machine | Lumen Photon Light Therapy

First Aid for Pets:
Veterinary Secrets Revealed*
Complete Home Study Course on Holistic Health Options for animals including Pet Home-Health Examine and First Aid Techniques. Includes manual and DVD's with demonstrations.

Fleas, Flies & Ticks:
Cactus Equine Concentrate | Tick Twister

Fungus, Yeast, Bacteria & Viruses
Defense | Micronic Silver | Colloidal Silver | Native Flora* | Tsi-Ahga

Raw Multiple Glandular | Raw Thyroid* | Raw Adrenal* | Raw Thymus*

Heart Health:
Colla-Cell II | Chapter CoQ10

Herbs for People and Pets:
Amazon Herbs

Holistic Health Care Options for Animals and Humans:

Immune Modulation and Support:
Defense | Samento | Tsi-Ahga

Joint Support:
Colla-Cell II | DogGone Pain | HyaFlex | Joint Care Formula | Lumen Photon Light Therapy | MSM*

Light Therapy:
Lumen Photon Light Therapy

Micronic Silver | Samento | Tsi-Ahga

Microchip Alternative (non-invasive):

Nerve Support:
LifeWave Energy Patches | Lumen Photon Light Therapy | Tsi-Ahga

pH Support:
pH Rescue*

Native Flora* | Protec

Sleep Support:
LifeWave Sleep Patches | Lumen Photon Light Therapy

Thyroid Support:
Purified/Detoxified Organic Iodine* | Raw Thyroid Glandular*

Tsi-Ahga | Vision Strength

Vitamin/Mineral Whole-Food Supplements:

Books and Videos by Mogens Eliasen: One-Year Money-back Guarantee
Remember our full, one-year, unconditional money-back guarantee: If you, for whatever reason, should not be completely satisfied with your purchase of this e-book, you simply send us an e-mail at Refund@k9joy.com and we shall return your payment!

NOTE: Books are available as an E-book for immediate download, CD or Printed versions which may be shipped within or outside North America.

BrainWork for Smart Dogs: (E-book, CD or Printed Copy)
For those want their dogs to have a good life with happiness and lots of joy!

Don't Pull on the Leash: (Immediate Download, CD or Printed Copy)

Raw Food for Dogs - The Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners: (E-book, CD or Printed Copy)
A Must-Have for those either just starting or already feeding a raw diet!

The Wolf's Natural Diet - A Feeding Guide for Your Dog: (For immediate download, CD or printed copy)

Canine Choice by Nature: (E-book, CD or Printed Copy)
For those considering or just starting out feeding the raw diet.

Feeding Your Dog - the Natural Way: (1-Hour Video)
Especially for dog owners considering or just starting out with a natural diet. In VHS format and includes a 17-page pamphlet with all the practical key information.

The Dog's Social Behavior: (2.5 Hour Video. Video Clips Available!)
For dog lovers who are serious about developing a relationship with their dog on the dog's general terms, but with themselves in charge. VHS format.

The ABC's of Dog Language, By Anders Hallgren (Book Only)
150 page soft cover book

Free Subscription to: The Peeing Post E-Newsletter, by Mogens Eliasen

* Please check back as these products are coming soon!
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Thank you for your order. At the present time shipping costs will be billed separately after your order has been placed. You will be advised of the shipping costs via e-mail. If you have any questions, please call 800.595.4372 or 703.471.5588 or e-mail us: ContactUs@FurryKids.net
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