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"The Whole Family"

Dear Ginny,

I've been thinking about writing this testimonial for a long time now. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for all that you have done for so many members of my family myself, my husband, our son, my dad, my mom and our precious Beau.

Ok, so here goes . . .

Love ya, Jennelle

BeauWhat I'm about to write is only a sketch of all that Ginny and FurryKids have done for us. We came to know her through our 3-year old Bullmastiff, Beau, who had been diagnosed with late stage osteosarcoma. By the time he was diagnosed with the cancer, his vet felt that there was no hope for him and sent him home for us to keep comfortable until his passing giving him anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to live. I immediately began seeking out alternative natural healings. A friend gave me Ginny's name and the FurryKids website. The rest is history. Through Ginny's patience and persistence, information and resources, we were able to beat the cancer.

Three and a half months later, long past the timeframe given to us by our vet, Beau was up to his old tricks again! -- and cancer free in his lungs and showed no signs of cancer elsewhere! Now his leg had been destroyed by the cancer so it had to come off. Our vet would never have done such a surgery in normal circumstances, but he too was amazed with Beau's improvements and felt he had a very good chance for full recovery. Beau made it through the surgery with flying colors and was doing well when, a few days later, an apparent blood clot passed through his lungs and he died very suddenly. Although we miss him terribly, if it had not been for Ginny, his death would have been gruesomely painful and devastating. Instead of watching him go downhill each day, we were able to watch him grow stronger and healthier each day and he taught all of us so much about life.

BeauAt the same time Ginny was working with our Beau, she began working with me and some of my issues. Tsi-Ahga, along with a few of her supplements that greatly improved my immune system, literally changed my life. I had been taking allergy shots for several months due to chronic allergies and sinus problems. I stopped taking the shots and all other allergy symptom medications -- I have not been sick since I began drinking the Tsi-Agha. I had also dealt with chronic pain, having had a hip replacement 2 years ago. Ginny urged us to consider a light therapy device for Beau. We did and used it ourselves. I am basically pain free now.

About a month later, I put my son on Tsi-Ahga. Within 4 days of being on it, he regained his sense of smell that he had not had in several years. His allergies have also abated over the past couple of months. His focus also improved!

Now, on to my husband who had lost half of his index finger several years ago and had been in extreme chronic pain ever since. Nothing helped the pain. The light device made the pain go away! He is virtually pain-free in that finger now, and the moment it begins hurting again (due to weather) he uses the device on it.

Last but not least is my Dad. After having a knee replacement surgery a couple of years ago, he has had a steady decline in health. He suffers from chronic pain that begins in his lower back and shoots down his legs. He has been to doctor after doctor and there has been no cure only many medications prescribed. Daddy had always been a robust, healthy person with a passion for living. Four months ago we didn't think he would live to see his next birthday. We put him on Tsi-Agha. His doctors are amazed at the turnaround in his health. He is back to his witty self, full of life and enjoying every minute of it.

Through Ginny I sought guidance and education; and through her information, resources and perseverance, we have come to know a better way of life. If you're reading this and wondering if Ginny can help you give it a try! You'll be amazed and glad that you did.

Jennelle Yancey
August 2006

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