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The goal is to have Koda run again,” said Ginny. Four months to the date since we started our dog on a raw food diet and the supplements suggested by Ginny, he is running again. On our walks he bounces up ahead of us and when he gets this silly glint in his eyes and we ask him, “Are you a happy dog?” he runs around in circles, crazy with joy. His fur is soft as a puppy’s and he is reading the newspaper again (sniffing) with greatly increased interest. What a change!

Koda is a nine year old yellow Labrador and a very sweet dog. But for the last two years he had begun to slow down to the point where walking him was a struggle. He would take a few steps and then stop with his head hung low and a question in sad eyes as if to ask, “Do I have to?” We had experimented with Dog-Gone Pain and that helped, noticeably. He began walking again, though still behind us, for twenty minutes or so. But for his last evening walk he would go no farther than 15 steps.

Then one day someone suggested that I call Ginny Rodgers of FurryKids and what followed were lively, caring and very educational and supportive telephone consultations and follow up email correspondence that has resulted in a very happy Koda (and parents.) The change-over from a high quality dog food to a raw diet didn’t come easy. The problem was mine, not Koda’s. For him the transition went smoothly in a couple of days. I, however, had numerous question such as how will I know how much to give him? Do I feed him intestine of rabbit, too? How do I grind up vegetables? How will I know I am doing the right thing?

I envisioned him eating pounds and pounds of meat. In a panic to have enough food in the house for him I packed one of our two freezers with rabbits, bison meat, beef, sheep, soup bones, venison, pigs feet, pig’s ears, tripe, livers, kidneys, hearts, and when a farmer called me that a neighbor dog had gotten into his chicken coup and killed seven chickens and, “Do you want them?” I, a city slicker who had only bought neatly packaged meat at the grocery store, said, Yes. When I came home with a box full of mud covered, mangled chickens I wondered what on earth had gotten into me. All this for a dog? Still afraid to give Koda a whole chicken, I singed, plucked, chopped and ground the chickens. Koda lay at my feet and sighed once in a while.

Ginny was always there with an email smile and wonderful encouragement. She cheered me on, answered my questions, calmed me down, and held my hand when I needed it. Thank you, Ginny.

Tine Thevenin, Author/Speaker
Lake City, MN
January 2005

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