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Thanks for the follow-up checking on us all. My Mom and I have certainly seen a huge improvement in our pain, and mobility because of using the light therapy device you recommended. My three dogs are feeling so much better as well. My one-year old Miniature Schnauzer, Lily has been painful in her right rear leg for awhile. Until we tried the light therapy she always layed with her leg stiffly stretched out behind her, carrying her leg sometimes as well. Now, she seems fine and she holds both her legs in the same way, no stiffness. My little Yorkie, Jamie has so many structural issues that involve his whole body. His shoulders are always so sore he finches when you touch him, and his knees are a mess, slipping out of place all the time. Recently he was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament in his right rear knee. With your light therapy he has improved alot, he no longer flinches when you touch him, and that little face looks so happy. We are going to get his knee repaired surgically this week, but his pain and range of motion throughout his little body have improved so much that I believe he will recover much more easily and quickly than he would have if we had not found you Ginny. The supplements you suggested are just wonderful. I am sure they are a big part of his healing process.

My Mom (even) forgot to take her pain medicine for several hours after it had been due, whereas she usually can't wait for time to take it. My heart ususally flutters alot, it has not done so since I started using the light. I feel more relaxed, and my muscles are relaxing from years of spasms, my bad hip is better than it has been in years. This morning I weighed myself, I have gone down 5 pounds, my waist is down 1 inch and my hips down 2. The resulting reduction in inflamation in my body has given my face a more rested youthful appearance. All this in just about one week. Yesterday I started using a decoction/tea you recommned. If my first experience with this amazing decoction is any clue into my future I feel as though, with your help, I will reclaim my life. My Mom and "furry kids" as well are all showing signs of improvement with the mixture you told us about.

There are so many changes in our bodies that we remain amazed as we discover even more results obtained from using the light therapy, and now the decoction mixture. My family, furry and otherwise are so grateful that we found you, thanks for your guidance towards improving our health.

August 2006

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