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Prolapsed Anus

Dear Ginny,

Here is a story (actually a wonderful one) that gives new meaning to the phrase, "The Perfect Asshole!" . . .

I must sit down and tell you this story about a rescue Poodle I've had for what seems like decades! (I've had him for at least 14 years now.) His name is FRED. Well FRED, had developed a lesion on his shoulder, that was hard and scabby looking. His Vet looked at it and told me, that the dog was so old surgery really wasn't an option for him. The Vet mentioned it was probably cancer and it was kindest to simply let things be. FRED also had a prolapsed anus that required my CAREFULLY hand trimming around that area!

Ginny, you had suggested I put all my dogs on the Tsi-Ahga at every season change. This is what I was doing for all the dogs during the last change of season. I didn't think doing this for FRED was going to effect any change of any sort.....I only gave this to him, thinking it won't hurt him, and it might even do him some good of some sort!?!?!

Since FRED is a rather small dog I offered him an ounce or two of this preparation each day. (Actually it was more or less a hit n miss type of thing with him, as he often gets lost amongst the bigger dogs in the house here.)

Being that I now had to groom FRED myself, because groomers always seemed to shave that lesion of his off during their groomings, he wasn't always groomed as often as I would have preferred!

Two months had passed when I decided I could no longer continue staring at this animal and his horrid looking dreadlocks! "YES, IT WAS TIME To GROOM HIM!!!"

With a good ole, Heave HO, I took him to the bathing tub and had at it! Afterward, I plugged in the electric clippers, and set about finding that lump to avoid shearing it off! Oh WAIT, I could not find the lesion ! HUH? I ruffled his hair in every direction with no success in finding this thing! Then after tiring of this useless exercise, I finally found something! Fresh pink skin, with what appeared to be a puckering that looked like a pin wheel!

My mouth opened wide, as I continued my grooming quest.....I went on to his rear end, where I was going to trim the hair away from his completely prolapsed anus! LO and BEHOLD! This animal now had no collapse of his rectum what so ever!

Ginny, there are NO words I can write that could describe my reaction to these miraculous changes! In a manner of speech and in a literal sense as well, YES, I now own the PERFECT ASS HOLE!!! And while I use a colloquialism, nonetheless these were very serious conditions. Again I write thanking you for your sage advice in offering me and mine options toward a healthier way of being!

Bless u n Yours,
Ginger Von Dinkel L.M.T.

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