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Kidney Disease

Hi Ginny,

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the help you have given me with Geisha, my (only) 5 yo GSD. When I first 'bumped' into you, I was quite worried about her because she had several health problems which I couldn't resolve - increasingly itchy skin, probably digestive / absorption problems, incontinence and abnormal bladder structure, hip (and maybe elbow?) dysplasia with mild arthritic changes on the right, tendonitis in the left hind and bursitis of the right hip joint.

GeishaHaving tried a number of different approaches without much success - dietry adjustments, reiki, homeopathy, radionics, I decided to take the chance and try her on the PMK supplements you recommended. Within about 10 days of starting them, the crusty lumps which had just recently appeared on her back were gone, and since then her health has progressively gone from strength to strength. Her skin, which had become increasingly itchy over the last year, also improved by about 80 - 90% within about 4 months of starting the supplements. As to her incontinence, it does look like a yeast infection caused it, because putting her on the course of True Colloidal Silver you recommended has almost completely resolved it, despite the fact that a urine analysis showed no sign of infection. More recently, the Dog-Gone Pain which she started getting a couple of weeks ago seems to have made a big difference to her hind leg problems. Even with 6 months of rest, hot and cold treatments, very restricted exercise and osteopathic treatments, I was still finding it very difficult to reduce the inflammation in her hind legs and was beginning to wonder about the quality of life she would be able to look forwards to with the restricted lifestyle I was having to impose on her. However, shortly after starting the DGP she went up the stairs (which she hadn't done for months), finds it much easier to get onto the sofa and bed and even wanted to jump into the car. It's early days yet, but she seems more care-free about some activities and it's deffinitely looking very promising.

I feel very, very fortunate that I chanced upon you and these products, particularly because I know how difficult skin problems can be to resolve, and I really thought I would find myself on some endless search for something to help her, not to mention all the worry and frustration that this involves.

You have taught me soooo much about the principle of providing the body with the 'tools' it needs to cleanse and heal itself and I'm so pleased that, with your help, I seem to have found what her body needed. I can now see a future for Geisha where her itching no longer drives us both distraction, and thanks to the DGP she will hopefully be able to lead a more active and interesting life again. I can't tell you how relieved I am, and she too, no doubt! Although it felt like a long slog to get to where we are, when I actually think about it and consider how all this could have turned out, I know we've had it veeeeery easy.

What more can I say, except a huge big THANK YOU.

Love and Hugs,

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